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Author Biography – Mitrajit Biswas

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Mitrajit Biswas is an upcoming author in the contemporary literary landscape, his pen wielding stories that traverse diverse genres and themes, leaving an indelible mark on readers’ minds. With a repertoire ranging from graphic novels to social commentaries, Biswas captivates audiences with his insightful narratives, intricate plots, and profound reflections on society, culture, and human nature.

Early Life and Academics

Mitrajit Biswas, a current research scholar and academician, holds Master’s degrees in Commerce with a specialization in Marketing and in Philosophy with a focus on Foreign Policy.

Writing style

Mitrajit’s work primarily revolves around Spy Thrillers, Fantasy Fiction, and Geo-Politics, crafting narratives that uniquely engage readers. His writing style seamlessly transitions from third-person narration to first-person perspectives, offering readers an immersive storytelling experience.

Read more about Mitrajit Biswas’s Book portfolio here.


In the year 2023, Mitrajit Biswas was felicitated with the Poetic Souls Best Fiction of the Book Year Award.

Impact within the reader base

Mitrajit Biswas feels that a connection with readers is developing, yet acknowledges the need for further effort to achieve success and cultivate a dedicated reader base.

Personal Life

Mitrajit Biswas has been actively involved in writing for the past few years, while also expressing a keen interest in blogging and traveling.

Upcoming projects

At present, he is looking working on few book projects on Indian Socio Politics, Spy Thriller etc.

  • India without Gandhi
  • Knifepoint A Spy Thriller Part 3
  • Four Corners of India.

Mitrajit Biswas aims to transcend boundaries of genre and theme, captivating readers with his evocative prose, insightful commentary, and boundless imagination. Whether delving into the intricacies of Indian cuisine, unraveling the mysteries of espionage, or offering profound reflections on society and culture, his works resonate with readers, inviting them to embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and enlightenment. In the ever-expanding tapestry of Indian literature, Mitrajit endeavors to shine as a beacon of creativity, inspiration, and intellectual curiosity.

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