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Author Biography – Sandip Mukherjee

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Sandip Mukherjee, a graduate of The Institute of Hotel Management, Kolkata in 1977, has had an illustrious career spanning over four decades in the hospitality industry. With a Master’s Degree in Tourism Management and extensive training from prestigious institutions like IIM Bangalore and Cornell University in the USA, he has honed his expertise in managing hotels, resorts, and restaurant operations on a global scale.

A successful career in corporate

As a certified international hospitality trainer recognized by AHLEI and HCITB, Sandip’s commitment to excellence is evident. He has served as an External Assessor for Tata Business Excellence and holds the prestigious title of Certified Climate Champion, a testament to his dedication to sustainability initiatives.

Throughout his career, Sandip has collaborated with industry giants such as McKinsey and Tata, contributing to groundbreaking programs like Taj-McKinsey’s Revenue Management initiatives. His passion for nurturing future leaders in the hospitality sector led him to roles as a faculty member at the Taj-managed Institute of Hotel Management at Aurangabad while managing the Taj over there as well, and the establishment of two hospitality institutes in Kolkata post-retirement.

Currently, Sandip serves as an Academic Advisor for the IIHM group of hospitality institutes, where he continues to mentor and inspire the next generation of service-oriented leaders. Additionally, he shares his wealth of knowledge by teaching management modules for MSc students at the National Council of Hospitality Colleges.

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As an Author

Beyond academia, Sandip is a prolific author, with two successful books under his belt and a highly anticipated third release on the horizon. He is also a sought-after consultant, conducting workshops on topics such as ESG and Responsible Hospitality, and delivering leadership programs tailored to the unique needs of hotels and service industries.

Sandip’s dedication to excellence, coupled with his passion for grooming future leaders and advancing the hospitality industry, solidifies his position as a respected figure in the domain of hospitality.

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Author Sandip Mukherjee at various book events


The book embarks on a captivating journey through the vibrant hospitality with ten compelling short stories, each intricately woven from real-life incidents. These tales offer a poignant glimpse into the daily lives of hospitality operators, immersing you in the bustling world of hotels and resorts.

The characters Raj, Rao, Dr. Prahlad, Manoj, Sam, Alex, Shetty, and numerous other professionals create a lively journey through the exhilarating and often humorous experiences of hoteliers. From heartwarming moments to unexpected challenges, the stories are a testament to the dynamic nature of the hospitality industry. Fun becomes a constant companion as you accompany these dedicated professionals through the highs and lows of their workdays. Get ready to be enthralled as you explore the rich tapestry of life within the realm of hotels and resorts.


In January 2022, Sandip released A DOZEN MORE TALES OF A HOTELWALLAH with more interesting and vibrant tales from the domain of hospitality. Stories of service-excellence, supernatural sightings at hotels, human reflections, tales of adventures and fantasy as experienced by Sandip himself in his exciting work-life as well as some stories gathered via his colleagues in hospitality are amalgamated in a fun read in this compilation. According to Sandip, his main inspiration was that Atithi Deva Bhavo – the famed saying must come to the fore while you go through these ‘real’ stories as penned.

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