Amy Lea’s “The Catch” presents a delightful rom-com novel, weaving together beloved tropes like grumpy meets sunshine, fake engagements, and the unlikely romance between a fisherman and a fashion influencer. Written by the acclaimed author of “Set on You” and “Exes and O’s”, it emerges as a captivating addition to the genre.

the catch
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“The Catch” – Plot brief

Melanie Karlsen, a former fashion influencer striving to maintain her relevance in the competitive world of social media, embarks on a promotional campaign for a Canadian resort. However, upon arrival, she finds herself stranded due to booking errors. Seeking refuge at a rundown Bed and Breakfast owned by Evan Whaler, a fisherman, Mel’s initial interactions are tense. Yet, when Evan is injured, Mel poses as his fiancée, leading to an unexpected bond and a joint effort to revive the neglected B&B. Amidst Nova Scotia’s scenic wilderness, Mel and Evan navigate their evolving relationship, prompting Mel to confront her desires and make a life-altering choice between city and coastal life.

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The Review

“The Catch” presents readers with an immersive depiction of life in a small Nova Scotian town, offering a stark contrast to the glitz and glamour of social media influence. Festivals, notably the lobster festival, emerge as vibrant settings, underscoring the town’s tightly-knit community ethos.

The interplay between Mel and Evan, marked by a mix of grumpiness and warmth, adds layers to the narrative, punctuated by moments of humor and light-heartedness, particularly in Mel’s interactions with the natural world. Mel’s personal journey of introspection and maturation serves as a focal point, as she confronts her vulnerabilities and ultimately finds solace in the tranquility of coastal living. Supporting characters, such as Evan’s cousin and grandmother, contribute to the story’s richness, offering delightful moments that enhance the overall narrative tapestry.

Amy Lea’s “The Catch” unfolds as a heartwarming and humorous tale, blending themes of conflict and reconciliation, enemies-turned-lovers dynamics, and the charm of small-town romance. Embrace the opportunity to embark on a journey filled with love, laughter, and unexpected twists by securing your copy of “The Catch” today.


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