Book Review: “Design Your Thinking” by Dr. Pavan Soni

In “Design Your Thinking,” Dr. Pavan Soni offers a fresh perspective on disciplined thinking, rooted in the principles of design thinking. From tackling new product development to navigating everyday challenges like Bangalore traffic, this book provides practical insights illuminated by numerous real-world examples, many of which are drawn from the Indian context.

design your thinking
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The Central Idea

Structured meticulously, the book delves into the essence of design thinking, exploring its key tenets, practical application, and strategies for cultivating a design thinking mindset. Dr. Soni shares captivating concepts, excerpts, and quotes that delve deep into the realm of creative problem-solving.

A standout concept in the book is the distinction between type A and B errors in innovation, illustrated through engaging anecdotes that underscore the value of embracing failure as a catalyst for innovation. The book also offers valuable guidance on when to apply design thinking, utilizing a two-by-two matrix to juxtapose it with other problem-solving techniques.

Quoting from the book –

“Good innovation starts with empathy and not sympathy, with a focus on thinking and not just on designing”

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What’s more?

Furthermore, the book emphasizes the importance of hands-on prototyping for learning and iterating, drawing inspiration from renowned designers like David Kelly and Tom Kelly. The author also provides practical tips on crafting effective briefs, organizing unfocus groups for diverse perspectives, and prioritizing problems based on their solvability and impact.

While Dr. Soni presents strong views on topics like the effectiveness of brainstorming, readers are encouraged to challenge traditional approaches to problem-solving. His emphasis on rigorous processes may ignite debate, yet it fosters a deeper understanding of the subject matter.


The book is a comprehensive guide to design thinking penned by an expert in the field. Dr. Pavan Soni’s book is an invaluable resource for those looking to enhance their problem-solving skills and cultivate a culture of innovation. With its wealth of practical examples and insightful perspectives, this book promises to inspire readers to reimagine their approach to problem-solving and embrace creativity in all its forms.

Pavan Soni
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Dr. Pavan Soni is an Innovation Evangelist from India. As the founder of Inflexion Point, he spearheads programs on Design Thinking, Strategic Acumen, and Consulting Skills.

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